Know Your LRC


The Learning Resource Centre is situated on the 3rd floor of the college premises and is using a favorable space to cater the internal and external patrons.
The total area of library is 2472 Sq.ft (229.6563 sq. meters) which is subdivided as below:-

Sr. No Particulars In Sq.Mts
1 Librarian Cabin 7.19
2 Reading Room 100.06
3 ICT Zone for Students 2.43
4 Counseling Section 4.46
5 Special section for advance learners 11.15
6 Book Issue Counter 22.30
7 Book Stack Area 49.42
8 Periodical Section 11.42
9 ICT Zone for Faculty members 10.27
10 Reprography section and ICT Tools 2.79
11 News paper section 8.17
  Total 229.65

Salient Features

1. Automation-SOUL ILMS

  • Our Learning resource center is automated with Soul 3.0 Library. Management integrated software which is maintained by INFLIBNET center.
  • It is user friendly software developed to work under client-server environment.
  • All books are bar coded.

2. ICT Zone for Students and Faculty

  • Well equipped Internet facilities are provided to students for projects and reading e- books.
  • Learning Resource Center facilitates separate internet zone for faculty members.
  • Multimedia facility.

3. Inflibnet / IUC facilities

  • Yearly subscription of N-List e- resources is subscribed by Learning Resource Center.
  • A separate ID and password is provided by the N-list to the patrons.

4. ICT Tools

  • CDs / VCDs in library 252
  • For effective teaching learning process library facilitates laptops and projectors to faculty members.
  • A separate record is prepared for the purpose.
  • End of the academic year every faculty has send record of his utilization of teaching learning aids.

5. User Guidance

  • On searching books on OPAC / WEBOPAC and physical location of books.
  • Searching the required information from the internet.
  • Searching the information from subscribed e- resources (N-List)
  • Guideline provided for the fair use of reading material.

6. External Membership

  • Offered to Ex- students @ Rs.500 & Rs.1000/- as refundable deposit.
  • Offered to resident of thane@ Rs. 1000 as refundable deposit.

7. External Membership

  • Reference card
  • Competitive exam section

8. External Membership

  • Learning Resource Center keeps record of previous years question papers.
  • Question papers are given to students and faculty on request.

9. External Membership

  • Every year with the help of NSS unit Learning Resource Center organizes book exhibition. On the occasion eminent personalities are invited from Library and Information Science.
  • Book exhibition for year 2015-16 was held in Sept, 2015 with the support of College N.S.S Unit.
  • Support received from vendors for showcasing their latest publications on display.

10. External Membership

  • News paper clippings on request
  • Bibliographic compilation on request
  • Reprographic services
  • Scanning and printing
  • Inter – Library borrowing and resource sharing through associate colleges in Thane.
  • Social Media Support
  • NKTLRC Facebook
  • NKTLRC Email:
  • NKTLRC Weblog:
  • NKTLRC Whatsapp no: 9769897617

Our Strength

  • Ample number of reference and text books is available in library
  • Effective application of various book bank schemes in the library
  • Various innovative schemes like ‘EYEREF Readers Club’ and ‘Earn & Learn Scheme’ are successfully implemented.
  • Every year college organizes book exhibition with the assistance of NSS unit and management.
  • Knowledge sharing sessions through eminent personalities are organized by Learning Resource Center for improving efficiency in daily operations.
  • Regular visit to well developed libraries by library staff to evaluate and compare the progress made the Learning Resource Center is up to the standard level.
  • Prominent and best resource periodicals are subscribed by Learning Resource Center for the patrons.

Our Future Plans

  • Technological up gradation with full resource materials and databases for ‘Right information @ Right time’ .
  • Continuation of Earn and Learn Scheme.
  • To develop learning and reading habits among the user community through the usage of e- resources.
  • To develop Learning Resource Center to cater the future need of user community.
  • Develop library website.
  • Incorporate ‘Institutional Digital Repository’ with D space open source software.

Collection / Resources /Assets