Parents Teachers Association


To have good interactions between the parents of learners and the teachers.
To motivate student-learners of the college about their participation in co-curricular, extra-curricular and other activities such as NSS, DLLE and sports.
To create awareness among parents about college programs relating to career guidance, placement cell, Women Development Cell and cultural committee.
To discuss students’ academic performance in semester examinations.
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Sheth T.J.Education Society’s Sheth N.K.T.T college of Commerce and Sheth J.T.T College of Art, Thane  

                                                        Report PTA Meeting: 2020-21
The online Meeting of Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the college is arranged by PTA Committee to support and to give the information about the college and general guidelines by circulating the notice of meeting with agenda through Whatsaap group. The PTA committee of the college organized this meeting online on Google meet platform keeping the COVID-19 pandemic situation in consideration. The meeting was conducted on 13th and 14th February 2021. The meeting was organized on a weekend keeping the convenience of the parents in mind thereby making it easier for them to attend and understand the development of their ward. Nearly 1300 parents attended the meeting.  
This meeting was organized for all the three years across all streams. On Saturday, the meeting was organized in 3 batches for FY/SY/TYBCom/BA. Similarly, on Sunday, the meeting was held in three batches for the students of FY/SY/TYBMS/BBI/BSc.I.T./BAF.
The following points were discussed in the meeting ·        
* Convener of PTA Mr A.O.Khadse welcome the parents and brief about the purpose of arranging the meeting. He also informed about the online Admission Process during the Pandemic situation and the support given by the faculty in solving the problem faced by the students. There is Mentor –Mentee system in the college, for every division one faculty has been given the responsibility as Mentor and they solved difficulty of the students.  Some parents appreciate the efforts taken by the college and the support given to parents in difficult situation.
*Mr A.O.khadse informed that our college is conducting many online activities for the overall development of the students through various students committees such as NSS, Art Circle, WDC,DLLE etc. He also requested the parents to ask any questions before the end of meeting and give your valuable suggestions for the development of the college.
*Dr. Manoshi Bagchi , Chaireperson of Examination Committee informed about the examination system , format of examination due COVID19 and the result of Semester end examination conducted in Second Half of 2021.
*CA K.S.Jaywant brief  on the CA,CS Course to First year students parents.
*Dr. Yogeshawari Patil Coordinator of Self Financing Courses discussed about the attendance in online lectures, project work and the various courses available in the college.
*Dr. Aparna Thakur, Vice Principal guided the parents about the online lectures and the precautionary measures to be followed during the Pandemic situation. Students should prepared for theoretical examination of 3 hours as well as MCQ based examination. Students will be informed about conduct of examination as and when directed by University.
*Dr. Dilip Patil, Principal of the college address the gathering and given the assurance that the full support will be given to them. He also brief about the opening of the college as per the circular of University and government of Maharashtra. The official notice will be circulated about the opening of the college and not to trust any messages from others.
*Principal also informed the parents about various Value Added courses in the college and the importance of the same in the carrier of the students.
·         The questions asked by the parents are answered Convener of PTA, Vice-Principal and Coordinator. ·        
Also, parents were informed and persuaded to motivate their children to participate in the various workshops, webinars and sessions conducted by the college. The efforts of the college authorities were applauded by the parents.
·The meeting is hosted by PTA Committee member Ms Shweta Dubey and Technical support by Ms. Vrushali Ghodke. Meeting ended with vote of thanks to all the parents and the authority.

Mr. Anil O. Khadse                                                                                                Dr. Dilip M. Patil
Convener, PTA                                                                                                          Principal  



Report of PTA 2020-21


Report of PTA 2021-22