Anti Ragging


To aware the learners of dehumanizing effects of ragging inherent in its perversity
To keep watch and vigil over ragging for preventing its occurrence and recurrence
To promptly and stringently deal with the incidents of ragging brought to the notice.


Dr. S. D. Koshti


Ms. A.S.Patki


Ms. M. A. Mangalvedhekar


Ms. D. B. Mulmuley


Mr. H.N. Patil



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Achievements / Report

Composition of the Committee-
  Dr.  S.D.Koshti- Convener   Members of the Anti-Ragging Committee-   1.       Prof . (Ms.) A . S . Patki 2.     Prof. (Ms.) M. A.  Mangalvedhekar  3.     Prof. (Ms.) D. B. Mulmulay   4.      Mr. H. N. Patil- Administrative section  
 Quality Policy-   1.       Anti-ragging Committee: Every institution University including Deemed to be University imparting technical education shall constitute a Committee to be known as the Anti-ragging Committee to be nominated and headed by the Head of the Institution, and consisting of representatives of civil and police administration,…
2.     Ragging is banned by Supreme Court of India. In order to prevent such kind of activity in campus, an anti-ragging committees has been formed and brought into operation even before the start of 1st year classes by the Director/ Principal.  
 Procedure To Handle The Cases-  
1.          To uphold and comply with the directions of the Hon'ble Supreme Court and be vigilant on any acts amounting to ragging.
2.        To publicize to all students and prevalent directives and the actions that can be taken against those indulging in ragging.
To consider the complaints received from the students and conduct enquiry and submit report to the Anti- Ragging Committee along with punishment recommended for the offenders.
4.To oversee the procedure of obtaining undertaking from the students in accordance with the provisions.
5.To conduct workshops, seminars, webinars, conferences, symposia...etc... against ragging menace and orient the students.
6.To provide students the information pertaining to contact address and telephone numbers /emails of the person(s) /committee identified to receive complaints/distress calls.
7.To offer services of counseling and create awareness to the students.
To take all necessary measures for prevention of Ragging inside the Campus.

  Activities planned during the A.Y. -2020-2021 .1.   Webinar/s 2.    Poster Making/Display 3.    Slogan writing 4.     Debate, Elocution activities/competitions 5.    Essay Writing activities/competitions 6.    Street Play/s activities/competitions 7.     Statutory Compliance           
Activities conducted during the A.Y. -2020-2021--1.    Webinar 2.   Poster Making/Display 3.   Slogan writing 4.   Essay Writing activities/competitions      


Notice for students and parents to fill online affidavit regarding anti-ragging

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