College Grievance Redressal Cell


1.      The Grievance Cell has been set up to help Faculty and Staff to record and solve their grievances in matters directly affecting them, either individually or as a group.
2.      To develop a responsive and accountable attitude among the stakeholders to maintain harmonious educational environment in the institution.
3.      To inform the learners to express their grievances, if any, freely and frank, without any fear of being victimized.
4.      To provide the learners sense of participation in problem solving.
5.      To create awareness of availability of members for students and faculties to report grievances.
6.      To investigate the cause of grievances.
7.      To ensure effectual solution depending upon the gravity of the grievance.


Dr. Dilip Patil


Dr. S. D. Koshti


Dr. M. B. Patil


Dr.(Ms.) D. P. Sawant


Mr. N. N. Varade



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Achievements / Report

  As per the rules and regulations addressed by the AICTE / UGC / SPPU, for student or other stake holders in a Technical Institution, “Grievance Redressal Committee” of NKTT College of Commerce Thane to enquire the nature , extent of grievance and to redress the same.   Composition of the Committee-   ·         Prin. Dr. D. M. Patil – Chairperson   Members- 1.      Dr. S. D. Koshti- Member 2.      Dr. D. P. Sawant- 3.      Dr. M. B. Patil- 4.      Mr. N. N. Varade   

Grievance Redressal Mechanism:   1.   The Cell will entertain both, written and signed complaints as well as complaints received through      e-mails [----] addressed to the Institution. 2.   Stakeholder having grievance, may approach Grievance Cell for guidance, if need be. 3.   The written complaints, received through proper channel, are to be entertained submitted to the Cell. 4.   The Cell shall fix date for hearing the complaint. 5.   The Cell will submit its recommendations, if any, to the concerned Authority for a suitable action or a possible redressal. 6.   Results of the meeting to be communicated to the student and can be accessed on the portal. 7.   Student Grievance Redressal Cell  Portal available on web site -------   §  Report: 1.      The Chairperson briefed about overall view regarding the role of the Grievance Cell.
2.      All the complaints record has to be kept by the Institution
3.      Constructive suggestions were invited regarding the functioning of the Grievance Committee.
4.      There was no case of grievance during the academic year.