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  IQAC is an effective and efficient internal co-coordinating and monitoring mechanism established on 1st July,2004 and functions on the basis of the guidelines set forth by NAAC. It works towards improving and maintaining the quality of education, identifying and suggestive new ways of using teaching aids, developing suitable infrastructure and offering suggestions for the new self-finance courses. The IQAC plays a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the quality of the institution and suggests quality measures. The IQAC meets every quarterly to plan, direct and implement the teaching, research and publication activities in the College.
The various committees and departments conduct the various activities as per the plan and guidelines given by IQAC. Feedback from all the stakeholders and the recommendations of the IQAC are taken into consideration and innovations are incorporated in perspective plan. Student feedback mechanism, self-appraisal by teachers,faculty improvement programmes, encouragement to teachers for research are some of the measures taken for at priority quality sustenance and enhancement as a strategy.

  • To plan co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • To conduct workshops for students.
  • To conduct ICT workshops for teachers.
  • Strengthening of social services.
  • Updating of infrastructure as per suggestions of NAAC Peer team.
  • Promoting research among students.


Prin. (Dr.) Pandharinath M. Karkhele - Chairperson
Mr. Paresh N Thakkar - Management Representative
Dr. (Ms.) Heena A Chande - IQAC Co-ordinator
Dr. (Ms.) Arati S. Samant - Member
Dr. (Ms.) Apama S. Thakur - Member
C.A. Kanak S. Jaywant - Member
Mr. A. O. Khadse - Member
Dr. (Ms). P. A. Shah - Member
Mr. Harish N. Patil - Office Superintendent
Mr. Narendra N. Ingale - Head Clerk
Mr. Abhay Sawant - Ex-Student Representative
Mr. Chetan Baraskar - Ex-Student Representative
Ms. Poonam Yadav - Student Representative
Ms. Ashmi Joshi - Student Representative
Mr. Arjun Choudhary - Student Representative
Ms. Charu Sriram - President, Inner Wheel Club, Thane (West), NGO
Mr. Nilesh Lele - Industrialist

Minutes of Meetings

  • First Meeting - Dated 10th July, 2017
       Action Taken

  • Second Meeting - Dated 22nd September, 2017
       Action Taken

  • Third Meeting - Dated 15th December, 2017
       Action Taken

  • Fourth Meeting - Dated 11th April, 2018
       Action Taken

  • AQAR 2013-2014

  • AQAR 2014-2015

  • AQAR 2015-2016

  • AQAR 2016-2017
    Committed And Persuasive Efforts Towards Holistic Education

    To impart education based on values, justice and equality amoung students from all strata of society.

    To enable students to grow intellectually, professionaly and ethically throughout their lives.

    Third and Final Merit List 2018-19
    Exam (U) Gazette Copy TYBMS SEM-V CBSGS 7525 REV APR-2018
    Exam (U) Gazette Copy TYBA SEM-VI CBSGS 7525 APR-2018
    Exam(U)Gazeette Copy TYBCOM SEM-V CBSGS 7525 May-2018
    Revised Schedule for Second merit list
    EXAM(C)Markseet Distribution TYBMS TYBC(IT) April 2018
    Second Merit list 2018-19
    Exam (U) REV. TYBSCIT SEM-VI CBSGS 7525 NOV-2017
    Exam (U) REV. TYBSCIT SEM-V CBSGS 7525 NOV-2017
    Exam (U) Gazette Copy TYBBI SEM-VI CBSGS 7525 APR-2018
    Exam (U) Gazette Copy TYBBI SEM-V CBSGS 7525 APR-2018
    Exam(C) Revaluation & Photocopy Form Notice TYBBI V&VI (CBSGS)(75-25) 12 June 18
    Exam (U) Gazette Copy TYBCOM SEM-VI CBSGS 75-25 APR-2018
    Exam(U)Revaluation & Photocopy Form Notice TY BCOM SEM-V & VI TYBA SEM- VI MAY-2018
    Exam(C) Revaluation Notice Result BSC(IT)(Sem-V)(CBSGS(75-25)Novemer-2017
    EXAM(C)Revaluation TYBA (Sem-V)(CBSGS)(75-25) Novemer -2017
    Exam(C)Photocopy Revaluation TYBA Sem-V July 2018
    EXAM(C)FY,SY, ATKT FORMS Sept 2018 Exam
    M.Com. Part-II Admission Notice 2018-19
    College opening notice for FYBMS and FYBBI
    Second Merit List Notice 18-19 (University Circular)


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