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  1. After admission, every student must have a valid Identity Card. The student must always carry the Identity Card. They have to produce it whenever it is demanded by any authority of the college. No student will be allowed to attend lectures, tutorial, etc. without valid Identity Card.

  2. Student must attend lectures and tutorials according to the time table on all working days of the college. Student must not remain absent from lectures, tutorial, practicals and examinations without prior permission of the Principal. A minimum attendance of 75 % at lectures as well as tutorials and practicals in each term is required under the University rules.
            Students are warned that if their attendance at lectures, practicals and tutorials is unsatisfactory, terms will not be granted in accordance with the University Ordinance.
            Subject-wise attendance defaulter list is displayed on the notice board at the end of every month. Warning Letters are sent to serious defaulter students.

  3. In case of illness, a student must apply for leave with a doctor's certificate attached with the application and must report to the Principal during his absence.

  4. Where tutorials are prescribed, a certificate stating that the student has completed the tutorial courses in the respective subjects shall be submitted by the student.

  5. Student must attend their lectures in their division only.

  6. Conduct of student in the classes as well as on the premises of college shall be such as will cause no disturbance to fellow students and to other classes.

  7. Students must not loiter in college premises while classes are in progress.

  8. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the College Campus.

  9. Smoking, Chewing Gutka and Tobacco is strictly prohibited in the College Campus.

  10. Student shall do nothing either in / outside the college that will, in any way, interfere with its orderly administration and discipline of the college.

  11. No society or association shall be formed in the College and no person shall be invited to adress a meeting or for any other reason without prior permission of the Principal.

  12. No student shall collect money or contribution for the picnic, trip, educational visit, get-together, study-notes, charity or any other activity without the prior sanction of the Principal.

  13. Any program in the college should not be organized / planned without prior approval of the Principal.
Committed And Persuasive Efforts Towards Holistic Education

To impart education based on values, justice and equality amoung students from all strata of society.

To enable students to grow intellectually, professionaly and ethically throughout their lives.

Exam (U) Gazette Copy M.Com sem- III CBCGS June -2018
Exam(U) Gazette Copy Revaluation TYBSCIT SEM-V CBSGS 75-25 Apr-2018
EXAM(C)FY-SYBMS-BSC(IT)-BCOM(B&I)SEM-I,II,III,IV(ATKT)(75-25&40-60) 24Sep-2018
Remedial Coaching Time Table 18-19
EXAM(C)TYBCOM(SEM-IV)75-25) REVAL October -2017
Exam (U) Gazette Copy TYBCOM MAY-2018
Exam (U) Gazette Copy T.Y.B.COM. MAY-2018
Exam (U) Gazette Copy Revaluation ResultTYBSCIT SEM-VI CBSGS 7525 MAY-2018
Holiday on 20-09-2018
EXAM(C)M.COM SEM - I,III Revaluation and photocopy Chice Base 11 Sepember -2018
Exam (U) Gazette Copy M.Com Sem-III CBCGS June -2018
Exam (U) Gazette Copy M.Com Sem-I CBCGS June -2018
Ganpati Festival Holiday Notice
Exam (U) Time Table SYBCOM SEM-IV Choice Based Oct-2018
Exam (U) Time Table SYBSCIT Sem-IV CBCGSS OCT-2018
Exam (U) Time Table SYBMS SEM-IV CBCGSS OCT-2018
Exam (U) Time Table SYBBI CBCGSS SEM-IV OCT-2018
Exam (U) Time Table SYBA Sem-IV CBCGSS (10Point) OCT-2018
Exam (U) Gazette Copy TYBMS SEM-VI CBSGS 7525 OLD APR-2018
Exam (U) Gazette Copy TYBMS SEM-VI CBSGS 7525 REV. APR-2018
Exam (U) Time Table FYBA CBCGSS (R-2016-17) SEM-II( 10P) Oct-2018
EXAM(C)Seating arrangrment for FY-BMS-BSC(IT)BBI Class Test september-2018
EXAM(C)Seating arrangement for SY-TYBMS- BSC(IT) BBI Class Tast Sept-2018
Exam (U)Time Table FYBCOM (Choice Based)(R-2016-17) Sem-II Oct-2018


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